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Lockhart Charm Bracelets

To determine your bracelet size:  measure your wrist where you want the bracelet to lay and add 1 inch for the total length of the bracelet or use the charts below. 

All of the bracelets shown can be sized to fit your wrist.  

        General Bracelet Sizing Guide:

 Women’s Sizing  Bracelet Size
 Women  Small 6" - 6 1/2"
 Women   Medium 7 "- 7 1/2"
 Women  Large 8-1/2"
 Women  X-Large 9"
 Women’s Ankle Bracelet  9" Average
 Children’s Sizing  Bracelet Size
Childrens Ankle Bracelet  7" Average
 12-24 months  5" length
 2 to 5 years  5-1/2" length
 6 to 8 years  6" length
 9 to 13 years  6-1/2" length
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